So, What’s the deal?

We make picture books, in collaboration with change-makers in countries around the world. We sell those books online and offline, wherever we can, with a percentage of the revenue and 75% of the profits going back to the change-makers, to support their work.

25% stays with Small Fires, for a rainy day, and to empower others in this space.

Why do you do that?

We’re hugely inspired by the work of ygap, who have championed and pioneered initiatives that back local change. Essentially this means empowering people who are doing impact work for the community they’re from, because they often have a better idea of what works and what’s needed.

Small Fires books were created to share stories about the world, and also to create sustainable revenue for change-makers to put their ideas for impact into action.


Growing up, we had a thirst for information about the world and the people that lived in contexts different to our own. Our understanding of the world around us was fuelled by news, advertising and very few (and boring) books, all of them told from a Western perspective and many of them with a hidden agenda.

When we finally arrived in some of these countries, we realised the story we had in our head of what they were like was completely different to the reality - in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s words, we’d been told a single story.

These books are the books we wish we’d had growing up, that tell the story of what it’s really like in other countries, as told by the people that live there, and with no hidden agendas other than building understanding, respect and empathy.

Where are the books made?

The words are co-created with change-makers in their country of origin, the illustrations are made still being sussed out, and the printing and distribution is all done, with love, from Melbourne, Australia.

What about the environment?

Glad you asked. We have so much respect for this beautiful home of ours (Earth) along with all the people that live on it. We endeavour to make our products with mother nature’s best interest as heart, as outlined below:

  • Printing on recycled paper with vegetable inks

  • Limiting travel to the bare necessities for co-creation

  • Using recycled and / or compostable packaging

  • Running the organisation making energy and water efficient choices

If you have any suggestions for how we can do more, we love hearing ideas.

When can i expect to get a book?

We’re working really, really hard to get them to you as soon as possible. But we’re also really passionate about making a high-quality book that has been designed collaboratively and iteratively so that' it’s true to life and a joy to read.

At the moment, we’re aiming to have our first book out in time for Christmas 2019.

did you know that small fires looks A lot like small fries? 🍟

Yes. We do! Especially when you read it really quickly. Fun fact, even the Australian Business Register thought the names were too similar, so on paper we are Small Fires Publishing.

Any other questions?

We’re an open book and love getting questions and feedback from our community and people interested in what we’re doing. If there’s anything you’re wondering about, give us a wave on social media, or drop us a line via email here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.